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Author Topic: DP CO18 Operation Raven phu bai  (Read 2242 times)

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DP CO18 Operation Raven phu bai
« on: Jul 30, 2020, 05:35 PM »
         Operation Raven is an endevaur to stop the loss of US aircraft. On the small farming island of Phu Bai north Vietnam, the north vietnamese have a small amount of AA guns placed within the thick forest farm lands. Our aircarft has been unable to identify where they are located, as they move daily. We have lost communications with team Fish Net after deploying boats on the banks to the west of LZ Starling. Locate these boats as to move faster using the water ways. Search and clear the farms, locate and destroy the AA guns. The radars used for tracking aircarft are located in the small town of Phu Bai on the west coast.

         You will drop from the skies, regroup at  LZ Starling, ammo and med supplies will also be droped in. These maybe your only supplies untill the AA guns are destroyed. Locate team Fish Net and assist as needed. Clear each village, locate and destroy the 4 AA guns, then make the assault on the town of Phu Bai. Destroy the radars.

        You will fly in from the east by way of CH53D Sea Stallions, para drop in with supplies to a very small LZ under fire. Move west to the river banks in search of Team Fish Net and their boats. Moving from village to village, clearing them as you go. After destroying the AA guns, push your team into the town and destroy the radars.

         There will be no exfiltration. Once you have control of Phu Bai, you will wait and hold your position for further orders.

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