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[NQDY] Tactical - Mods On Steam:
We will be using Steam for the majority of our mod collection in the very near future!
Please check here http://not-quite-dead-yet.com/index.php/topic,1713.msg8953/topicseen.html#new.

TeamSpeak 3:  nqdygamersts.myddns.rocks


* Current Time for NQDY



[Vanilla] Fridays: 5PM PST
[Modded] Saturdays: 5PM PST

* [ NQDY ] Tactical Unit TS

* NQDY - Vanilla

* NQDY - Primary

* About - NQDY

  Welcome to NQDY

  We are a U.S. based group of PC gamers.
  Our current base of gamers are older than
  the typical gamer. You younger guys keep
  this in mind if you join.

  ARMA III is our main game. We play coop
  missions built by our talented members and
  missions available to the ARMA Community.
  We are a casual group and enjoy tactical
  play without compromising core values of
  having fun.

  Minimum age to join our group is 18.
  Please post your age in profile.

  To become a member of NQDY,
  please Register to our forum.

* Playlist: NQDY Arma 3 Game Play

* Playlist: NQDY Tactics, training & strategies

* NQDY Special Units